South Dakota drops COVID-19 vaccination age to those residents ages 65 and over

The South Dakota Department of Health has announced that starting on Monday, Feb. 22, 2021, the vaccination age of those who qualify to receive their COVID-19 vaccination will be dropping to those who are 65 and over in age. The announcement comes as the Department of Health and Phase I vaccinators have been making significant progress within Group D of the state’s vaccination plan over the past few weeks.

“It is exciting that given our orderly and well planned vaccination strategy, coupled with the dedication of our medical professionals across our state, we are in such a strong position when it comes to vaccination efforts,” said Kim Malsam-Rysdon, Secretary of Health. “These factors, in addition to increased vaccine allocations, has allowed us to progress through Group D efficiently and open up vaccination statewide to those over 65 starting Monday.”

This follows two weeks in which the vaccination age has been dropped by 5-year increments in the State of South Dakota. Over this period, the state’s federal vaccine allocation has increased to 17,660 weekly doses—not including those received by the VA and IHS. Additionally, the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program was activated and additional new tools were unveiled for the public’s use regarding vaccination planning and general information.

Some of these tools include:

• COVID-19 Vaccination Process Infographic

• COVID-19 Vaccine Providers by County

• PHASE I Group(s) & Timeline Infographic

• Web-based tool to identify your priority vaccination group

• 7 Coronavirus Myths Busted by Experts

For additional information and the latest COVID-19 resources, visit COVID.SD.GOV.