The Roberts County Courthouse closed to public

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Roberts County Commission has issued the following statement; The safety of the Roberts County employees is a very high priority. Their dedication to their job is immeasurable. At this time, safety measures against the potential spread of COVID19 will take on varying measures through-out the several county offices. The Courthouse will be staffed, but will temporarily be closed to the walk in public. Safety notices will be posted at the entrances and we ask for your helpful cooperation.

The County Commissioners and Employees apologize for this temporary inconvenience. If you have any cold, fever, breathing difficulties or flu like symptoms please avoid any county offices. A preferred method of contact would be for you to call ahead to the office and make every effort to conduct your business over the phone, my mail or by email. If possible, Roberts County will waive mailing or processing fees.

Contact numbers for the offices are: Roberts County Treasurer 698-7245 Auditor 698-7336 Director of Equalization 698-3205 Veterans Service Officer 698-7376 Register of Deeds 698-7152 States Attorney 698-7071 Sheriff 698-7667 Emergency Manager 605-880-2620 Highway Department 698-3905 Health Nurse 698-4183 Extension 698-7627 Court Clerk 698-3395 Landfill 698-7362 Commissioners 698-7336