Correction to the “Livestock Judging and Sale Auctioneer” story in 4-H Insert

In this year’s 4-H Insert that was published along with the Aug. 29 edition of the Sisseton Courier, there was a mistake in a story. Information for the insert is provided by the Roberts County 4-H office. The information was given to the Courier correctly, but was misunderstood by Courier staff.

The story “Livestock Judging and Sale Auctioneer” lists the names of livestock judges during Achievement Days and the auctioneer for the Premium Sale. The livestock judging takes place on Tuesday and Wednesday and the Premium Sale is held on Wednesday evening.

Sam Hanson was listed as the auctioneer for the Premium Sale, which is incorrect. Sam was the announcer for the livestock show which was held during the day. Tyler Hellwig was the auctioneer for the Pre-mium Sale.

Apologies to both gentlemen on the misrepresentation. The Hellwigs have auctioneered the Premium Sale for many years and the mistake was unintentional.

The intention of the story was to list the people who help make Roberts County 4-H Achievement Days possible.