Drenttal park equipment fenced off.

Anderson Park play ground equipment fenced off...

No more basketball playing for a while as the rims are off the backboards to shoot at.

CITY MAKES CHANGES IN LOCAL PARKS--During the special council meeting on Monday, Mar. 30 the decision was made to take down the basketball hoops and to fence off the playground equipment and gazebos in the City parks to keep people from congregating in larger groups. The Council did not want to close the parks to the public because of the walking paths that go through the parks and several city streets. People need to be able to get out and walk, but everyone needs to still be aware of maintaining a social distance. Drenttal Park is pictured above and Anderson Park is pictured below right. The orange snow fencing might be diffi cult to make out in a gray-scaled picture, but it is very obvious while driving through Sisseton. The hoopless backboard at the basketball courts is pictured below left. ~Courier Photos