Employers: Use SIDES for online unemployment filing

The Department of Labor and Regulation (DLR) is asking employers fi ling unemployment insurance information to sign up for the State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES) e-Response.

SIDES e-Response is a fast, secure and standardized way to automate responses to notices of unemployment claims. Once an employer signs on to SIDES e-Response, DLR will deliver all notices to their email address rather than by mail.

“Due to the large volume of claims we anticipate due to COVID-19 business layoffs or closures, this online process will save time,” said state Labor and Regulation Secretary Marcia Hultman. “SIDES is especially helpful to those who typically deal with a large volume of unemployment insurance information.”

SIDES e-Response gives employers an easy and effi cient way to respond to information requests from DLR, saving time and money by:

• Eliminating mail delivery, allowing more time to gather information and respond timely.

• Ensuring complete information is provided the fi rst time, reducing the need for phone calls.

• Reducing paper handling, staff time and postage costs.

“Wait times in our unemployment call center are longer than normal due to the high volume of claims,” said Secretary Hultman. “In order to reserve the phone lines for individual claimants, I strongly encourage businesses to submit questions specifi c to COVID-19 layoffs and closures to DLRRADivision@state. sd.us to receive a direct and timely response.”