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Niggs nominated for Outstanding Young Farmer

by Katy Heinecke
Courier Staff Writer

Nigg FamilyLouis and Amanda Nigg, Sisseton area farmers, recently returned home from Sacramento, CA, where they were one of ten couples nominated for the 2018 National Outstanding Young Farmer of the Year by the Outstanding Farmers of America organization. The couple was nominated by Sisseton residents Dana and Julie Stapleton of Sisseton. Dana currently serves as President of the Outstanding Farmers of America -- after being selected in 2002 as the National Outstanding Young Farmer. The NOYF Award is the oldest recognition program for farmers in the United States and only NOYF nominees are eligible to join the Outstanding Farmers of America organization.
Louis’ love of farming developed quite naturally, as he is the fifth generation of Nigg farmers and he is raising his own two young boys to love farming just as much as he did at a very young age. In 1880, his great-great-grandpa Joe bought 160 acres in Guttenberg, IA and then moved to southern South Dakota near Ramona in 1887, where he lived for a few years. In 1892, he lived in a dirt house near Agency Village on Joe Johnson’s land before moving to the current farm location in 1896. It was in 1910 that Louis’ great-grandpa Louie bought the farm where Louie and Amanda are raising their family.. For more on this story please purchase a copy of this weeks Sisseton Courier on news stands now.

Young Farmers - The Nigg family includes (left to right) Bo, Amanda, Jon and Louie. Louie hopes to pass the farming tradition on to his two sons, as he himself followed in the footsteps of his father Lynn, grandfather Dale, great-grandfather Louie and great-great-grandfather Joe. ~ Courtesy Photos

Snow storm brings much needed moisture to the area

SnowThe winter storm that hit the area Monday and Tuesday, Mar. 5 and 6, closed roads, schools and workplaces, and left behind large drifts in its wake. The official snow total in Sisseton was 10.6 inches, with surrounding areas reporting similar amounts.
At the height of the storm, state officials closed portions of I-90 and the entire I-29 stretch from the North Dakota border to the Iowa border. No Travel Advisories were posted on many highways due to the icy, snow-packed conditions. Visibilities were also an issue, with winds gusting to 50 mph.
While the storm may have caused some inconveniences and delays, most were more than happy to endure it, as the snow will provide much needed moisture to drought-stricken areas of the state.

Winter Delivers a Punch - The winter storm that hit the area Monday and Tuesday, Mar. 5-6, left behind huge snowdrifts, which were soon pushed into piles such as this one in the Teals parking lot on Highway 10 in Sisseton. The moisture is a welcome gift from Mother Nature. ~ Courier Photo

Pheasants Forever Banquet Held

Pheasants Forever

The 17th Annual Roberts County Pheasants Forever Banquet was held Saturday, Mar. 3, at the Rosholt Community Center with approximately 200 supporters in attendance. They enjoyed an evening of socializing and a meal. Those winning top prizes, over 20 guns, were (seated, left to right) Linda Veflin, Nikki Kriz, Sue Braun, Audrey Roark, McKenna Carl, Ashley Bibbey, Lori Braaten, Jennifer Kaufman, (standing) Tom Satrang, Damian Deutsch, Tim Syverson, Wyatt Syverson, Josh Buecksler, Bryson Hanson, Ronnie Grajczyk, Brad Lekness, Logan Schaunaman, Robert Hanson, Mark Stueve, and (not pictured) Doug Wohlenhaus, Greg Stillson, Nathanial Tasa and Mason Okke. The net proceeds from the fundraiser will be used to provide youth hunting education, conservation and wildlife habitat. ~ Courtesy Photo


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