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truckLake City truck lands in England....

By Mimi Larsen
Staff Writer

When the power crew came through the neighborhood, putting in new telephone poles, a lineman asked Raymond Janisch if that old ¾-ton pickup behind the granary was for sale. That query started the 1953 Chevy pickup on a journey across the ocean to England.
“I told him ‘Everything is for sale!’” said Janisch. “He asked ‘What do you want for it?’ I told him $300, and he said he’d think about it.” The next spring, that fellow arrived with a low-boy trailer..For more on this story please purchase a copy of this weeks Sisseton Courier on news stands now.


All the Way from Lake City, SD to Sussex, England - This 1953 Chevy pickup once owned by Raymond Janisch has been restored by Kevin Broomer of England, who even had a Janisch Farm graphic painted on the door . ~ Courier Photos

Highway 10 Project Updates

Updates from the Thursday, Oct. 3, meeting:
Traffic on Phase II has been switched to the north side. The mill and concrete have been hauled away.
J&J will have about ten days of digging on Phase II to replace the storm sewer.
The underground boring under the railroad and box culvert are done.
The water main on the south side will be done Friday, Oct. 4.
The water test will be back at the end of this week, and they will tie into the new main and abandon the old main.
The dirt crews will move extra piles out, get things cleaned up, and then start cutting sidewalks in on Phase IB on east side of town.
The electricians got all of the concrete bases poured for new light poles for Phase I (from Veterans to 7th Ave. E.). The poles will be in some time around Christmas.
Another concrete crew was brought in to do the rest of the colored sidewalks in front of Dairy Queen and Taco Johns.
By Wednesday, the curb and gutter should be in on the east side of Phase I.
They thought that they would have the asphalt on the road in about three weeks on the south side.
On Monday, Oct. 14, Phase IB pavement markers will be in.
A question was asked about the End Zone sewer line. They answered that they had to talk to the City about where to hook up.
A question was asked about the storm sewer inlet on 7th Ave., which is too high. They said they talked to the property owner and told him it was a dip in the road for water drainage.
Another question was asked whether the seeding and landscaping would be done this year, and the answer was yes.
Another question was about the big rock on Rosalie’s property. The answer was that they need a bigger machine to move it.
The last question asked was about the space between sidewalk and street. They answered that it can be grass or red cement. It will be $8.00 per square foot for concrete, and the landowner must take care of it.
Issues or concerns with the project should be directed to BX Civil and Construction Project Manager Nic Auringer at 605-351-4350, or Construction Supervisor Patrick Dicus at 605-777-9020.

Old Copper Courthouse Dome Light RepurposedDome

The Roberts County Courthouse , which is listed on the National Register of Historical Places, received a facelift in May of 2018 when Noble Roofing installed a new tin roof on the dome. Wanting to preserve some of the history, Courthouse maintenance man Douglas Karst took the old copper dome light and refurbished it as a decorative piece of artwork (right) to stand in front of the Courthouse. Construction crews had cut a portion of the floor and wooden beams out when they installed the new elevator in the building, so Karst took three of those wooden beams and used them for the base, sanded and painted the metal, and re-wired the light. The repurposing project took him a couple of nights, and Karst says he enjoyed doing it. ~ Courtesy Photos


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