Winters of the past... reappearing in the present

A Blizzard Sanctuary -- One Road School No. 1 Pictured above is District No. 1 School in One Road Township, Roberts County, South Dakota, where a group of school children sheltered through a 1940s blizzard with their teacher. The general site was about a half mile west of Lohre’s Station, later known as Clark’s Corner (which has since been torn down). More specifically, the school was located just up the hill north of Bethel Lutheran Church, as it had once served as the parsonage. The church and school are no longer there, but the cemetery remains across the highway (127th Street). ~ Courtesy Photo

The past couple of winters have been tough ones in Northeast South Dakota. It seems like one snow storm is barely over before another is on the way, and that winter seems to start earlier and last longer. The ferocity of the winds is a frequent topic of discussion. But are things really all that different from years gone by? What follows is Edith Gunderson’s tale of surviving a harrowing blizzard during the 1945-1946 school year at One Road School No. 1, where she served as teacher: For more of this story please purchase a copy of the Sisseton Courier newspaper or e-edtion available now..