Local youth wrestlers win MWT accolades

MWT Wrestlers Earn Belts, Two Inducted Into Hall of Fame Eli Anderson, Malachi Anderson and Holden Hawkins all received Midwest Wrestling Tour commemorative belts for winning first through fourth place in at least three of the four national tournaments sponsored by MWT. Those who take first place in all four tournaments are inducted into MWT’s Hall of Fame. Malachi and Eli Anderson earned this honor, and are the first South Dakotans to do so in known history. ~ Courier Photo

By Mimi Larsen Staff Writer Three local youth wrestlers are superstars in the books of the Midwest Wrestling Tour, all winning the coveted MWT belt, and two of them rising to the honor of being inducted into MWT’s Hall of Fame, the highest honor for MWT wrestlers. Believe it or not, one of these boys is in Kindergarten.