General Election results in for Roberts County and South Dakota

While the election may remain disputed across the nation in the U.S. Presidential election between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, results are in for Roberts County and the State of South Dakota.

U.S. President

Roberts County voters went red in the Presidential contest, casting 2,404 votes (55%) for Incumbent Republican President Donald J. Trump and his running mate Michael R. Pence. Democrats Joseph R. Biden and Kamala Harris received 1,828 votes (42%), and Libertarian Jo Jorgensen and running mate Jeremy “Spike” Cohen tallied only 75 votes (1%) in Roberts County. Statewide, Trump tallied 62% of the vote, followed by Biden with 36% and Jorgensen with 3%. For more of this story and many more please purchase a copy of this weeks Sisseton Courier on news stands now or purchase a copy of the e-edtion from this website.