Former Director of Equalization speaks up

By Mimi Larsen Staff Writer

Arden Moen took exception to the compliment given him by Jim Pirmantgen in the March 10 article (Pirmantgen discusses property assessments with county commissioners), when he credited Moen with having assessments at 90% of full and true value, with a coefficient of 3%, back before 2007 when Moen retired as Roberts County Director of Equalization.

“There were about 12 different property classes back then, and the numbers he [Pirmantgen] gave were just in Ag, and there were only two sales that year,” said Moen, implying that it was somewhat less complicated 15 years ago. He talked about the changes in laws that dictate how assessments are done, changes that have made the Director of Equalization’s job all the more difficult.