CDP’s Compass Care program offers hope to addicts

By Mimi Larsen Staff Writer

People living in the Sisseton area who have an addiction problem now have the best opportunity to find help locally in a new program that makes long-term recovery much more achievable. Called Compass Care, this unique, non-judgmental program was created at Coteau des Prairies Health Care (CDP), and takes advantage of multiple resources to tailor a recovery program to the needs of each individual.

Addiction can be the result of many things, and the road to recovery does not fit into one nice, neat plan. The team of medical professionals in the Compass Care program determines the specific needs of each individual, and creates a plan tailored to those needs. This applies to people with any form of addiction, including alcohol, opioids, methamphetamine, tobacco and other.For more of this story and many more please purchase a copy of this weeks Sisseton Courier on news stands now or purchase a copy of the e-edtion from this website.