’Round and ’round those roundabouts

West Roundabout Above, vehicles navigate through the west roundabout on Highway 10 through Sisseton. This picture is taken looking west towards the Coteau. ~ Courier Photo

By Mimi Larsen Staff Writer

Now that Sisseton has not one, but two roundabouts, everyone has to get used to maneuvering through them. Getting used to driving properly in a roundabout takes a bit of instruction and a bit of practice.

Locals have been asking questions like: Who has the right-of-way? How do I know when to enter the circle? What if I want to go straight through? Those vehicles that are already in the circle have the right-of-way. Period. For more of this story and many more please purchase a copy of this weeks Sisseton Courier on news stands now or purchase a copy of the e-edtion from this website.